Harold van Lennep

Category: DJ, Producer


Harold van Lennep was born in 1993 to a Belgian mother and a Dutch father. He started taking piano lessons at a very young age and gave small concerts in Brussels with fellow piano pupils.
At the age of 16 Harold discovered music production when listening to some modern electronic music and thinking “I can do the same”.

It is only in the Winter of 2013 that Harold started focussing on music production more seriously and released his first single “Liberation” on The Bearded Man and Armada Music.
He is most known for his melodic piano riffs and tracks that leave you with a lasting happy feeling.
With still a year to go as a master student in Management at ESCP Europe, Harold is still combining both studies and music production. 2016 will be the year of new exciting releases and promising singles in all new genres by Harold van Lennep.